John Hilla Quoted Regarding Meghan Markle’s Trademark Registration


Our trademark attorney, John Hilla, provided insight to the UK periodical Woman&Home regarding the US trademark registration filing by Meghan Markle (for “Archetype”) and the nature of US trademark law.

While many sensational headlines this morning incorrectly claimed that Ms. Markle was trying to stop everyone else on the planet from using the word “archetype,” Attorney Hilla set the record straight in this article by journalist Emma Dooney.

“In Meghan’s case, ‘Archetypes’ scores relatively high on the unique scale or ‘spectrum of distinctiveness’ used to measure a trademark’s strength. While the word technically already exists in the English language, it would be considered an ‘arbitrary’ mark as it has nothing to do with podcasting or discrimination against women. Like US tech giant Apple, its products and/or services would be completely unrelated to the original dictionary definition … ‘It is a good, strong proposed trademark,’ says Hilla.”

Read the full article regarding Meghan Markle’s Trademark Registration Application HERE. 

Thank you, Woman&Home, and Ms. Dooney!

Attorney Hilla is always available to speak to journalists and other media sources regarding issues of US trademark law, trademark registration, and even, yes, Meghan Markle.

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