Trademark Renewal in Detroit, MI

A trademark registration must be renewed at regular intervals to be maintained. 


Unlike copyright or patent registration, to retain the right of exclusive use of your registered trademark, you must regularly demonstrate to the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) that you are still using the trademark “in commerce.” 


This is because trademark law exists to protect consumers’ right to know what they are buying—and from whom. If you are no longer using the trademark to sell something, it becomes available for others to use. 


Further, with each required trademark renewal, you are required not only to prove to the USPTO that you are continuing to use your mark in commerce generally but that you are using it in commerce in relation to all of the goods and services included in your original registration application. 


Noble Path Trademark Law will help you to ensure that your registered trademark is properly renewed—before all required deadlines pass.

Trademark Renewal Service - $300 FLAT FEE + USPTO FILING FEES

Noble Path Trademark Law

Noble Path offers a simplified process for registering your trademark in Michigan, giving you legal ownership of your licenses.

USPTO Trademark Renewal Requirements

The USPTO requires that you renew your trademark with the filing of a Statement of Use at the following intervals:

  1. Between the 5th and 6th years after your trademark registration date;
  2. Between the 9th and 10th years after your trademark registration date;
  3. Every 10 years after that.

Additionally, you have the option to file a Declaration of Incontestability after your 5th year of use.

What Is a Declaration of Incontestability?

The Declaration of Incontestability is a further statement that can be filed after 5 years of continuous use in interstate commerce (and the filing of the Statement of Use attesting to that).

Only trademarks registered on the Principal Register and not the Supplemental Register are eligible.

The statement is a declaration that the mark has been in use for the required 5-year period of time continuously—and is still in use—and that there is no judicial decision against the owner’s right to keep the registration or any legal proceeding underway involving the trademark, either before the USPTO or in a court of law.

An “Incontestable” trademark registration is a major advantage in any infringement litigation.

Our Trademark Renewal Service Includes:

  • Our Appearance Counsel of Record on your behalf with the USPTO if we aren’t already;
  • The draft and filing of your Statement of Use OR Declaration of Incontestability;
  • Draft and filing of your Statement of Use Specimen (evidencing your use of your registered trademark in commerce);
  • All client communications.

Further rates apply for our response to “substantive” Office Actions filed by the USPTO related to your Statement of Use.

Our flat fee does not include required USPTO filing fees, which vary from $225.00 - $300.00.

These fees will be required prior to the filing of your Statement or Declaration, after we prepare and you review it for accuracy.

How To Renew Your Trademark

Step 1:

Submit your trademark information to our Contact Form below.

Step 2:

Click the LawPay button below the form to pay the initial annual flat fee of $300.

Step 3:

Review and e-sign the Engagement Agreement that we will then send you directly by email via DocuSign.

Step 4:

We get to work and provide you monthly reports and notifications after filing our appearance on your behalf with the USPTO.

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