Trademark Monitoring in Detroit, MI

The trademark and brand protection path does not end with registration.

To protect your brand, you need to enforce your trademark against infringement. However, to do this, you need to know when you are being infringed—and by whom. 

The USPTO will reject new conflicting trademark applications—but they will also resolve them and allow them to register without telling you about any of it. It is therefore up to you to police your trademark registration. 

Our trademark monitoring service will allow you to proactively enforce your registration. Watch our video below to learn more about Trademark Monitoring and why it is essential to your business. 


Trademark Monitoring Service - $495 ANNUAL FLAT FEE

Noble Path Trademark Law

Noble Path offers a simplified process for registering your trademark in Michigan, giving you legal ownership of your licenses.

The Benefits of Trademark Monitoring


When a new trademark application is filed that poses a conflict with yours or dilutes your brand’s value, we will not only know about it but will know about it in time to respond.


Timely knowledge of infringing trademark applications allows you to respond before statutory deadlines expire.

Our Trademark Monitoring Service Includes:

  • Our Appearance Counsel of Record on your behalf with the USPTO if we aren’t already;
  • Monthly reports of our monitoring—even if we don’t find anything;
  • Immediate reports of conflicting applications, as soon as we learn of them;
  • Reminders of your required renewals and trademark maintenance filings.

How To Begin Monitoring Your Trademark

Step 1:

Submit your trademark information to our Contact Form below.

Step 2:

Click the LawPay button below the form to pay the initial annual flat fee of $395.

Step 3:

Review and e-sign the Engagement Agreement that we will then send you directly by email via DocuSign.

Step 4:

We get to work and provide you monthly reports and notifications after filing our appearance on your behalf with the USPTO.

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