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Noble Path Trademark Law offers a simplified process for registering your names, slogans, and logos as Federal trademarks.

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Why Register Your Trademark?

Why Register Your Trademark?

Trademark registration ensures that only you have the legal right to use your business or product name or logo. Registration protects you from infringement, knock-offs, and customer confusion. They provide:

The right to exclusive use of the mark across all 50 states;
Your legal presumption of ownership;
A legal presumption of the exclusive right to use the mark;
Proof of your ownership listed online with the USPTO;
The right to sue for infringement in Federal court;
Ease of registration in foreign countries;
The right to use the ® symbol alongside the mark.

Why Hire a Trademark Lawyer?

Hiring an accomplished lawyer to assist in registering your trademarks ensures full protection of your proposed mark, as well as allowing a professional to inform you on risks and benefits of registering. Important benefits include:

Only a US-licensed attorney can present arguments on your behalf before the USPTO.
The services of an experienced lawyer will maximize your odds of USPTO approval.
An attorney will run a thorough clearance search of your proposed mark prior to filing an application. This ensures that you are aware of possible issues before filing.
You will know what your risks are if you have retained a knowledgeable attorney.
Retaining a licensed attorney to draft, file, and prosecute your mark registration application will ensure that you are prepared from the start to litigate as needed.
Why Hire a Trademark Lawyer?

Noble Path Services

Trademark Registration

Noble Path will not only draft and file your application but will first research the registrability of your name, logo, tag-line, or advertising phrase.

Trademark Renewal

Renewal is required between the 5th and 6th year after registration. We will help file this Statement of Use to continue your mark.

Trademark Monitoring

A trademark registration is like any other property owned: once you have it, you need to protect it. Monitoring your registration is crucial to that protection.

Office Action

If you filed your trademark registration application on your own or using a low-cost service, you may be in receipt of what is known as an “Office Action.” 

Client Testimonials

Erin ES

I am very proud of myself for selecting Hilla law firm for my Trademark registration. Mr. John Hilla went above and beyond for my registration and is the absolute best! He was in constant contact with me even thought I wasn’t very good at with my communication about my registration. Mr. Hilla kept me informed all the way, and he followed-up with me in a manner beyond measurable. Everything he did for me was outstanding. He is very knowledgeable, professional, and takes his time to explain everything in detail. Every time I had a question, he answered it promptly and honestly... I highly recommend [him] to all my friends and writing this review so that entire world learns how great Mr. John Hilla is.


I wasn’t sure what to expect dealing with the dreaded legal necessities when protecting ones creative content. Luckily John was down to earth and patient enough to pretty much teach me everything I needed to know about best practices in copyright material. He was professional and affordable. Made sure I was informed of every part of the legal process and timetable. I would recommend him to anyone!


I wanted to avoid any rookie mistakes in doing it myself, so I hired [Attorney Hilla] to handle my band’s trademark application. Everything went without a hitch. Communication throughout the process was always quick and clear... Thank you John.


John did a wonderful job in walking me through the statement of use application for a trademark. He was patience and understanding on how the trademark should be utilized and presented.


[Attorney Hilla] did an excellent job handling the trademark registration for my online business. In my case, the process turned out to be complicated as another business registered for a similar name. [Attorney Hilla] expertly handled the situation and my trademark was approved!

Noble Path Blog

At Noble Path, we provide an extensive amount of information regarding trademarks, their registration, and their benefits. Our goal is provide you with the best knowledge possible to make a good decision for your mark.

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