Trademark Services Made Simple

Noble Path Trademark Law is a boutique US law practice located in Detroit, Michigan. However, we offer trademark services to clients throughout the United States. We service entrepreneurs, start-ups, large enterprises, and musicians in all industries. 


Our trademark services include trademark registration, trademark renewal, trademark monitoring, and Office Action refusal response matters. We offer virtual consultations, premium customer service, and the expertise you need to maximize your odds od success.


If you are a foreign trademark owner or non-US law firm seeking trademark services in the United States, we offer special rates to foreign associates. Contact us for our current trademark services rate sheet. 


Upon representation, we will:

Conduct a thorough clearance search for conflicting trademarks;
Prepare a customized Opinion weighing any risks before you file;
Expertly draft and file your trademark registration application with the USPTO;
Meet all required deadlines so that you don’t have to burden your own calendar;
Defend your application against any office actions or oppositions.

Why You Need a Licensed US Attorney for Your Trademark Service Needs

Non-attorney discount trademark filing services cannot provide you legal advice. A form filing website cannot represent you before the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). In fact, a licensed US attorney is required to communicate with the USPTO on your behalf and to respond to USPTO Office Actions on your behalf. 


When you DIY your trademark registration application, you may save a buck in the short-term. However, you will spend more in the long run when you need a Michigan trademark attorney to fix the problems you didn't know you had. Furthermore, not all problems can be fixed ... You may end up starting all over from scratch. 


Does that sound like a money-saver? Or a time-sink? 


A licensed Michigan trademark lawyer will ensure that you understand the risks of failure, if any, before you file your trademark registration application. An attorney will ensure that your trademark registration application is drafted properly. Further, a trademark service lawyer will file your application without any avoidable errors that will cause it to fail. 


Your brand is your business. Your business has value only if its brand can be enforced against infringement.


It doesn't pay to try to save a buck filing your own trademark application at the ultimate expense of long-term value of your entire enterprise. 


Schedule your initial conversation with us by clicking the REGISTER YOUR TRADEMARK button at the top of this page. Take the first step on the path toward brand protection by retaining Noble Path Trademark Law to provide your trademark services. 


Noble Path Trademark Services

Trademark Registration

Noble Path will not only draft and file your application but will first properly research the registrability of your name, logo, tag-line, or advertising phrase.

Trademark Renewal

Trademark renewal is required between the 5th and 6th year after registration of your trademark. We will help file this Statement of Use to continue your mark.

Trademark Monitoring

A trademark registration is like any other property owned: once you have it, you need to protect it. Monitoring your registered is crucial to that protection.

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