Trademark My Business Name in Bloomfield Hills, MI


Trademarking your business name can prevent other businesses from using the same name and confusing your customers. It will give you ownership of the business name and protect you from infringement, knock-off products, and intellectual property theft. Trademarking your business name in Bloomfield Hills, MI, protects you at a federal level. 

Steps to Trademark My Business Name

There are multiple steps involved in trademarking a business name. Trademark attorneys can provide the legal services needed to successfully trademark your business name. They will develop an understanding of your business and properly research the Federal and state trademark registers and the market for identical or similar business names that could cause problems. Trademark attorneys can then expertly draft and file your trademark application.

Trademark My Business Name Benefits

If your business name is unique and not too similar to another that received a trademark, it will likely be eligible for trademark registration. If your business has multiple product lines, they can also be trademarked to provide maximum protection for your business and brands. Trademarking your business name gives your business the exclusive right to use the name and prevents others from hurting your business’s reputation and confusing your customers. 

Trademark My Business Name With Noble Path

Noble Path Trademark Law helps clients in Bloomfield Hills, MI trademark their business names. We provide a simplified process for registering your name, slogan, and logo as Federal trademarks. Our Owner and Managing Trademark Lawyer John Hilla has over 16 years of practice and provides exceptional customer service and fulfillment. Call us at (313) 380-0492 or contact us online to schedule your consultation today to learn more about us!