Trademark Attorney in Ann Arbor, MI


A trademark attorney is a licensed professional who offers advice and representation to clients about trademark law and trademark registration. Trademark attorneys work with clients to ensure their business has the exclusive right to use their brand or product name or logo. They can help people distinguish their products and services to prevent infringement, knock-offs, and customer confusion.

Accomplished Trademark Attorney

Accomplished trademark attorneys in the Metro Detroit area of Michigan can represent clients in Ann Arbor, MI, or around the country. Accomplished trademark attorneys have experience presenting arguments on their clients’ behalf before the USPTO and maximizing their odds for UPSTO approval. They will inform their clients of all the risks and benefits of taking the next step and prepare them to litigate as needed.

Trademark Attorney Clients

Trademark attorneys provide legal services to clients in industries such as bands, musicians, craft breweries, distilleries, wineries, clothing, fashion, jewelry, software, app developers, food service, and more. A wide variety of enterprises in any industry can benefit from trademark registration, renewal, and monitoring, to protect their brand. Trademark attorneys can work with solo entrepreneurs, start-ups, and large enterprises.

Trademark Attorney with Noble Path

Are you looking for an experienced and accomplished trademark attorney in Ann Arbor, MI? If so, John Hilla at Noble Path Trademark Law can help you. With over 16 years of practice, John can provide you with a simplified process for registering your names, slogans, and logos as Federal trademarks. Call us at (313) 380-0492 or contact us online to schedule your consultation today or learn more about us!