Trade Mark Application in Bloomfield Hills, MI


Trademark attorneys in Bloomfield Hills, MI, can draft, file, and prosecute their clients’ mark registration applications to ensure that they are prepared from the start to litigate as needed. A trademark application can provide full legal ownership of the proposed trademark and the right to exclusive use. Trademark attorneys can provide their clients with critical legal advice and inform them whether an application filing with the USPTO may offer a low, moderate, or high-risk of a conflicting response.

Filing a Trade Mark Application

When the client decides to follow through with filing their trademark application, their trademark lawyer will review the application to ensure that it correctly describes their business and its product. They will draft and submit the application to the US Patent and Trademark Office. Once the application is filed, the trademark lawyer will provide updates to their client as their trademark progresses through the approval process. 

Trade Mark Application Requirements

Trademark applications can be expertly drafted by trademark lawyers to provide full protection of their client’s proposed mark. Trademark lawyers will review the application with the client to ensure all information is correct. Trademark applications will provide information such as the name and address and trademark intent, description, and entity type. 

Trade Mark Application With Noble Path

If you are looking to file a trademark application in Bloomfield Hills, MI, or around the country, Noble Path Trademark Law can help you. We provide a simplified process for registering, renewing, and monitoring your trademark. Our Owner and Managing Trademark Lawyer John Hilla has over 16 years of experience providing clients with a high level of service. Call us at (313) 380-0492 or contact us online to schedule your consultation today!