File a Trademark in Bloomfield Hills, MI


People in Bloomfield Hills, MI, looking to file a trademark should have a US-licensed trademark lawyer to help them maximize their odds of USPTO approval. Filing a trademark can be complex and may require a trademark lawyer to be successful. It can provide legal ownership of the proposed trademark and protect a business or product name or logo from infringement, the importation of knock-off products, and consumer confusion. 

How To File a Trademark

Hiring a trademark lawyer to assist in filing trademarks ensures the protection of the client’s proposed mark. Once the trademark lawyer analyzes the registers and learns about the client’s business, goals, products, and services, they will draft a letter stating conflicts and risks. After all of the information is presented to the client, they can expertly draft and file the client’s Federal trademark registration application.

File a Trademark Process

Once the trademark application is drafted and submitted, the USPTO will assign an Examiner to review the application. It can take 90 days or more to receive the first response which could include an office action, a refusal, or questions. If the trademark application goes through without any administrative or substantive response, the mark will be registered after several more weeks. Trademark applications typically take around 6-8 months to clear, but in many cases, it can take as much as a year.

File a Trademark With Noble Path

If you are looking to file a trademark in Bloomfield Hills, MI, or around the country, Noble Path Trademark Law can help you. Our Owner and Managing Trademark Lawyer John Hilla has over 16 years of practice and provides exceptional customer service. We can draft and file your federal trademark registration application and provide regular and proactive updates as it progresses through the approval process. Call us at (313) 380-0492 or contact us online to schedule your consultation today!