Federal Trademark Search in Bloomfield Hills, MI


Trademark attorneys run thorough clearance searches of their clients’ proposed marks before filing applications to ensure that they are aware of possible issues. Trademark searches discover potential conflicts by searching active, inactive, and pending federal trademarks. Trademark attorneys draft and file applications for their clients and research names, logos, taglines, or slogans that could be conflicting. 

Running a Federal Trademark Search

Federal trademark searches help uncover conflicting trademarks on the Federal Register, with state Secretaries of State, or among domain names and other internet uses. If a Federal trademark search doesn’t reveal anything, then registration can proceed while maximizing the odds of USPTO approval. If something is uncovered, trademark lawyers can assist their clients with their trademark registration by providing support and advice to make the best decision possible for their unique situation. 

Proper Federal Trademark Search

Federal trademark searches involve deep evaluations of the USPTO database to identify other trademarks that are exact matches, similar matches, or knock-offs. Trademark attorneys can run searches into their clients’ proposed trademarks and identify variations that could cause a problem for them. After a proper federal trademark search, trademark attorneys will provide the client with the information needed for them to make the right decision regarding their trademark.

Federal Trademark Search with Noble Path

If you are looking for a Federal trademark search nationally or in Bloomfield Hills, MI, Noble Path Trademark Law can help you. We run thorough clearance searches of our clients’ proposed marks and inform them of the risks and benefits of registering. Our Owner and Managing Trademark Lawyer John Hilla has over 16 years of experience providing exceptional trademark services in Bloomfield Hills, MI, and around the country. Call us at (313) 380-0492 or contact us online to schedule your consultation today!